Transformation Tuesday: My New Hair Color


Okay, for those who don’t follow me on Tumblr I’ve been talking about finally dying my hair at the end of May. At my old waitress job we couldn’t have crazy hair colors, so I waited until I left (it was a pretty crappy job) to finally dye it Turquoise which is my favorite color.  Continue reading

Life Update: Job Hunting, Hair Disaster and Summer Goals

Happy June everyone! I was waiting to do an update once I went to the salon again, but couldn’t wait because I feel like I have all these things to say trapped inside of me. The last two weeks of May were really terrible for me and I’m hoping June will give me a fresh start, so I can stop having all this bad luck. Continue reading

May Photo Challenge


Hi everyone! In my new camera post, I talked about doing the May photo challenge and instead of posting everyday, I chose to save all of them to share in one single blog post. Some I wasn’t able to do, but I did complete most of them. I hope you guys like them and will join me in June for next months photo challenge. Continue reading

Falling TAG

I wasn’t planning on doing a post today, but I found out about this tag from Tokki and it seemed fun to do so I’ll be joining in on it. I chose to call it the “Falling” tag, instead of “Fall in” because I looked at MishCheung’s post and she called it the “Fall with” tag, so I’m not really sure what the real name of the tag is but “Falling” just sounded better to me. Anyway, lets move on to the questions! Continue reading

My New Camera!!!


From the picture and title, I hope you guys are as excited about this post as I am. Yes, after years of wanting one, I finally bought a DSLR camera!! I can’t even explain how fortunate I feel and how proud I am that I was able to save up and buy this on my own, after so many days of wishing I could have one. So I just want to say I’m very thankful for being able to make this purchase and all the other things I’ve gotten this year related to my degree or I guess just big splurges in general. Continue reading