My New Camera!!!


From the picture and title, I hope you guys are as excited about this post as I am. Yes, afterΒ yearsΒ of wanting one, I finally bought a DSLR camera!! I can’t even explain how fortunate I feel and how proud I am that I was able to save up and buy this on my own, after so many days of wishing I could have one. So I just want to say I’m very thankful for being able to make this purchase and all the other things I’ve gotten this year related to my degree or I guess just big splurges in general. Continue reading

Photos from Intro Photography Class


Hi everyone! So today was my final for my Intro Photography class, all we really did was present our final project in front of the class and show what type of photos we took since we could do whatever we wanted. I’ll talk a little about the class and then share some of the photos I took in there, but before I start here is the post I did sharing what type of camera we were given in the class. Continue reading

April Haul

Hi guys!! I know I don’t usually do monthly hauls, but I’m trying to start taking pictures of all the things I buy each month to keep track of my budget LOL. I love watching hauls on YouTube (depending on the person and what they have of course) so I’m hoping you’ll enjoy mine, if not it’s still a good way for me to keep track of my spending habits ;P Continue reading

Spring/Summer Clothing Haul

Hi everyone! I’ve been talking about doing this clothing haul forever and am sorry it took so long, but I was waiting until I got all of them from the mail so I could show everything in one big post =) If you haven’t seen my last clothing haul, you can check it out here. Before anyone asks, most of these clothes are from Forever 21 or Rue 21 and I didn’t buy them all at once. These are clothes I’ve bought when I saw there was a sale going on and they were all purchased months apart from each other, with that being said I hope you enjoy~ Continue reading

January Haul

Hey everyone! I wanted to post this before February but I was still waiting on one more package, I guess I’ll try to do a February haul or favorites posts at the end of this month if I have enough things to show. Anyway if you’ve read my last few posts, you’ll know I’ve planned to do a little shopping spree since I haven’t had any new clothes since high school. In this haul I’ll be sharing what I bought last month and explanations will be given under the photos. Now let’s get started! =) Continue reading